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Serene by Nature Mare Calming Cream 6oz

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Serene by Nature topical cream promotes mare calmness and focus.

  • One 6 oz tube lasts approximately 3 cycles, or 2-3 months.

  • Easy topical application.

  • Bio-identical, safe, natural, and effective.

  • Veterinarian tested, approved, and recommended.

  • USEF and FEI compliant.

  • No known negative side effects or drug interactions.

  • Safe alternative to synthetic drugs.

  • Includes Free Gloves for application.

Serene by Nature cream is a safe, effective, natural, and USEF and FEI compliant topical cream that helps support a healthy endocrine system for calmer and more focused mares (may be used on non-cycling equines as well).



Serene by Nature topical cream

is specifically formulated to decrease irritability and improve attitude in nervous and cranky mares. Serene by Nature topical cream may be beneficial in dealing with the cyclical changes all mares experience. Reproductive health may be improved by supporting the endocrine system via a normal healthy balance.

Providing natural endocrine support may help to improve daily demeanor, focus, trainability, and overall well-being.

This product may be beneficial for:

  • Helping to maintain a calm and serene disposition on a daily basis.

  • Ease and regularity of seasonal cycles.

  • Supporting a healthy reproductive system.





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