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We create quality products for people, places and pets ~ specifically intended to address needs that are being overlooked by the big brand companies. Holistically and Affordably minded products for you, your family, your home and your pets.

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  • Twirly Bird Away

    Simple, Effective, Fun, Safe and Easy to Install.

    These Bird Detterent Solutions Keep Birds Away From Your Pets & Property, even including Pools and Boats!

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  • Secret Synergy Stones

    Positive Energy Jewelry & Art 

    Synergy Secrets For You

    and Your Pets for outer and inner Beauty, Vitality and Health.

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  • Tick Slick

    The Sleek Spray Solution that is Too Slick for Ticks to Stick! THE Innovative Solution For Protecting Your Pets From Ticks Is Not Allowing Them Onto Your Pets In The First Place!

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  • Natural Hormone Balance

    Many people have found that the supplementation of natural progesterone cream dramatically reduces feelings of anxiety, stress, mood swings, confusion, and even depression.

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  • Serene By Nature

    Mood Balancing CreamEnjoy Extraordinary Equine Excellence.

    A topical calming cream that naturally helps your horse consistently be their best during all their seasonal cycles!

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Bird Deterrents For Property, Pools, and Pets

Twirly Bird Away

Twirly Bird Away

Twirly Bird Away ~ Keeps the Birds at Bay! Effectively & Humanely...