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Raw Crystal EMF 5G Sun Catcher Wire Wrapped Room Protection with Shungite Hematite + Black Tourmaline

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Raw Crystal Sun Catcher / Dream Catcher 5G EMF Protection - Synergistic Room Protection with strong Orgone Energy. Shungite plus Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Blue Sodalite or Carnelian.

Dream Catcher - Sun Catcher - Wall Hanging - 4 inches diameter round, 14 inches length - Secret Synergy Stones Crystal Artwork. Beautifully protect any room or space 24/7! Each item is designed to hang wherever needed. Use in your bedroom, office, TV room, babies room - or even your car - for 24/7 EMF 5G protection and Chakra Crystal energies.

*Each piece is a one-of-a-kind - no two are exactly alike.

Protection radius is about 5-8 feet. Hang on wall between you and your WiFi exposures (have the crystals as close to you as possible).

Protect from: computers, routers, smart meters, smart appliances, TV, microwave, dirty electricity, etc...

Feel calmer and more focused plus sleep better - by keeping yourself and your energy balanced and shielded 24/7 from harmful radiation from 5G EMF's.

Each item is hand crafted and all have a large array of crystals and stones that provide extra strong protection for you and your loved ones from all negative WiFi exposures.

Protect your spaces effectively and creatively with this eye catching artisan crystal artwork. Protective stones include (but not limited to): Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Blue Sodalite or Carnelian.

For use in: Homes, Offices, Workshops, RVs, Boats, Barns, etc...


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