What ARE EMFs?

What ARE EMFs?

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EMFs or Electro-Magnetic Fields 

are invisible lines of force that surround all electrical devices. This invisible energy is also known as RADIATION. Magnetic fields from Wi-Fi passes through most all earthly materials, even including the DNA cells of all living creatures.

Think about it, you can text a picture to anywhere in the world and have it delivered almost instantly. Have you ever stopped to consider all that text ‘goes thru’ and how it might have an impact on living beings?

Your cell phone is a mini-mirowave that is exposing you to constant radiation.


In this age of cell phones, cell towers, wireless routers, remote control EVERYTHING, Smart Meters and Smart Appliances, serious concerns persist about possible connections between our compounding EMF exposures and adverse health effects. And soon 5G will be implemented throughout the world, putting us at risk like never before. Did you know that 5G technology is from the military and has been used for crowd control? Shoot some 5G radiation into a crowd and people flee due to their skin feeling like it is on fire. That’s 5G’s original usage.

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Your cell phone is a mini-mirowave that is exposing you to constant radiation. WiFi is EVERYWHERE and NO ONE truly has ANY idea of what this cumulative effect will have on life on Earth. As well, there is no way to know just how much accruing exposure any one person experiences within their own personalized lifestyles.

What we DO know is that our current levels of exposure to EMF radiation is a quadrillion-times higher than what our grandparents experienced! Yes, I did just say a quadrillion-times more!

How Harmful could all this mounting EMF exposure be?

The dangers of EMFs are now widely recognized as a serious 21st century health threat by Consumer Reports, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Cleveland Clinic and independent researchers from Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

In 2004 a German researcher found that 24 hours of EMF exposure could induce more DNA damage than 1600 chest xrays. https://nontinfoilemf.com/cb-spThe International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified cell phone radiation on the list of Class 2B “possible” carcinogens, right next to lead and the insecticide DDT (which was banned 40 years ago).

In 2015, more than 190 independent scientists from 39 countries got together to warn the public that “EMFs are potentially harmful to all life”.

The possible health effects that likely will occur with the world-wide implementation of 5G are beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. We are literally the vulnerable lab rats for this huge experiment and only time will tell how this all plays out.Here a list of possible symptoms of EMF over-exposure: 

  • Anxiety - Depression - Severe headaches - Fatigue and/or feeling exhausted upon waking - Inability to sleep - sleep Apnea  - Dizziness - Brain fog - Infertility - Early menopause - Chest pains & heart arrhythmia and panic attack like symptoms, as well as frequent infections and illness.

Becoming informed and proactive is now absolutely essential for enjoying a healthy and vibrant life. It’s time we take action to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our pets from this un-worldly onslaught of radioactive exposures.

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