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BioUD Insect Repellent & Clothing Treatment Spray

BioUD Insect Spray is a naturally safe formula designed to be used by folks living an active outdoor lifestyle.

BioUD Insect Repellent & Clothing Treatment has been proven more effective than DEET in controlled studies.

You can use this on your skin and on your clothing.  Apply whenever heading outdoors. Reapply about very 4 hours.


BioUD 6oz Spray Insect Repellent & Clothing Treatment

BioUD's unique formula contains an active compound derived from the wild tomato plant.  This compound,  is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a biopesticide and is recognized as less toxic than conventional pesticides.

The Food and Drug Administration classified the active ingredient as a flavoring agent that may be safely used in food. The BioUD® formulation contains emollients, is non-flammable, and is not a plasticizer.


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